Nigel on the Radio

Nigel has reported on total solar eclipses from around the world

Nigel appears frequently on BBC UK and World Service radio programmes as both expert and journalist. He is in constant demand for his expertise on astronomical topics ranging from the phases of the Moon to the origin of the Universe.

He’s now often heard on radio discussing his forthcoming spaceflight with Virgin Galactic.

Latest interviews

Nigel has just appeared on BBC World Service, talking about New Horizon’s successful fly past Pluto!

Other live reports from around the world have covered major astronomical events such as solar eclipses, spacecraft encounters and comets. Nigel was at European mission control when the Giotto spacecraft encountered Halley’s Comet, and broadcast the event live to an audience of an estimated 100 million. He was the first journalist to report that Giotto had survived the hazardous encounter.

Regular radio appearances have included:

  • Seeing Stars: co-presenter with Heather Couper  (BBC World Service)
  • The Litmus Test: Chairman  (BBC Radio 4 and World Service)