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Nigel Henbest is an internationally acclaimed science populariser, specialising in astronomy and space. His books and articles have been published around the world, and his TV productions have gained awards in Britain and in the US. He has recently been appointed an Honorary Professor at the University of Dundee.

He’s also a Future Astronaut with Virgin Galactic, as he describes here:

Nigel was a founder of Pioneer Productions – one of the UK’s top  independent TV production companies, specialising in factual and scientific programming. His screen credits include BBC Television, Channel 4 (UK), Discovery Channel and ABC (Australia).

Now a freelance writer again, Nigel writes a regular column - with Heather Couper -  for The Independent, a leading UK daily newspaper. He has also been Astronomy Consultant to New Scientist magazine, Editor of the Journal of the British Astronomical Association, and Media Consultant to the Royal Greenwich Observatory.

His latest books are Stargazing 2015 and The Astronomy Bible, both written with Heather as popular guides to the night sky.

The International Astronomical Union has named asteroid 3795 “Nigel” in his honour.

Brian Marsden, Director of the Minor Planet Center, presents Nigel with asteroid 3795, in the historic Brooke Bar of the Pink and Lily pub!

Nigel on YouTube

The YouTube channel Naked Science now features the new series Nigel Goes to Space. Updated every other Friday, Nigel explains all about space and astronomy – from how you can create your own Solar System with a fruit-bowl, to how astronauts go to the toilet in weightlessness!

Honours and qualifications
Just for the record, Nigel’s full title is:
Prof Nigel Henbest, BSc, MSci (Cantab), DSc (Hon), FRAS

Astronaut News

Nigel Goes to Space

Nigel has a new series on YouTube, Nigel Goes to Space. Celebrate the Hubble Space Telescope’s 25th birthday with me, by clicking here!

Nigel’s “Astronaut Diaries” has been published in New Scientist magazine; it includes his Zero-G flight in the “Vomit Comet”!



Latest News

 The Astronomy Bible

We're very excited to introduce our latest book, The Astronomy Bible, which is now available at £14.99 in your local bookshop, or online from amazon.co.uk

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The Astronomy Bible shows you how to navigate the night sky, identify the constellations and observe planets, comets and deep-sky objects.

Accessible, informative and fully-illustrated, this is an invaluable practical companion for anyone who loves stargazing.

We wish we'd had a copy of The Astronomy Bible to hand when we first took up stargazing!