The Secret Life of Space is now available (see right for details)!

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Welcome to Hencoup Enterprises!

Hi! We’re Nigel Henbest and Heather Couper, international science communicators based in the leafy Chiltern Hills, halfway between Oxford and London, England

Astrophysicists by training, we now popularise astronomy and space – not to mention weather, volcanoes, the countryside and archaeology. We cover all the media, from TV to newspapers, voice-overs to corporate presentations, radio to books.

Egyptian TV interviews Heather and Nigel live during the 2006 total eclipse of the Sun

Heather specialises in astrophysics – the cutting edge of research in the Universe, and Nigel – who will be flying into space as an astronaut with Virgin Galactic – majors on spaceflight. Watch him in action on the YouTube channel Nigel Goes to Space!

In addition to our own separate professional lives (see Heather’s and Nigel’s own web pages) we collaborate on projects that benefit from a synergy of our combined skills and enthusiasm. And with names like Henbest and Couper, what else could we call ourselves but “Hencoup Enterprises”?!

We first met as undergraduates at the University of Leicester, England, where we discovered a mutual interest in science and the media – not to mention international travel, the English countryside, good veggie food and excellent New World wines!












Latest News

The Secret Life of Space

Our new behind-the-scenes investigation into great discoveries in astronomy, The Secret Life of Space, is now available at £20 in your local bookshop, or online from

This engaging and fast-paced narrative debunks the urban myths of the Cosmos. It introduces the unsung heroes and heroines of astronomy - from the backyard astronomer who's found a record number of supernovae (exploding stars) to the sanitary engineer who has unearthed strong evidence for  life on Mars.

The Secret Life of Space starts with discovery that Stonehenge was built to observe the Sun at Midwinter, not Midsummer, before moving on to reveal that the telescope was not invented by Galileo and that Einstein did not predict either black holes or the Big Bang (both were dreamt up by clergymen). And we feature exclusive insider interviews on the latest space missions to Pluto and Comet 67P.


 The Astronomy Bible

The Astronomy Bible, at £14.99 in your local bookshop or online from, is a comprehensive guide to observing the sky - from the Sun, Moon and planets, through to stars, nebulae and galaxies. Packed with easily accessible information, the highly illustrated 'Bible' features detailed constellation maps and practical advice on binoculars, telescopes and imaging the sky.

We wish we'd had a copy of The Astronomy Bible when we first took up stargazing!