Heather appears regularly on the radio as both a presenter and an interviewee. She is much in demand to provide expert opinion, and has an ISDN line and mixer in her study, enabling her to give broadcast-quality interviews at short notice.

Heather recording her BBC series Cosmic Quest

Heather recording her BBC series, Cosmic Quest

Cosmic Quest

In the summer of 2008, Heather wrote and presented an iconic 30-part series for BBC Radio 4 on the history of astronomy, Cosmic Quest.

The highly acclaimed series was repeated in May-June 2013, on BBC Radio 4 Extra.

Cosmic Quest was about more than science. The history of astronomy is a reflection of our culture: an insight into the development of mankind’s ideas – and ideals. In the series, Heather investigated the people who discovered our Universe, and the passions that drove them to probe ever outwards.

Click here for more information from the Radio 4 Cosmic Quest website.

Other major programmes Heather has presented include:

  • A Brief Guide to Infinity (Radio 4)
  • Britain’s Space Race (BBC Radio 4)
  • Arthur C. Clarke: the Science and the Fiction (BBC Radio 4 & World Service) For more information, click here
  • Worlds Beyond (series, BBC Radio 4)
  • Red Planet (series, BBC Radio 4)
  • The Essential Guide to the 21st Century (series, BBC World Service)
  • Starwatch (series, BBC Radio 4)
  • Naming the Universe (series, BBC Radio 4)
  • The Modern Magi (BBC Radio 4)
  • Down Your Way (BBC Radio 4)
  • With Great Pleasure (BBC Radio 4)

She has also worked as a stand-in presenter on Woman’s Hour, the John Dunn Programme and Start the Week

Heather has guested on the following programmes:

  • Melvyn Bragg’s In Our Time (BBC Radio 4)
  • Woman’s Hour (BBC Radio 4)
  • Steve Wright in the Afternoon (BBC Radio 2)
  • The Johnnie Walker Show (BBC Radio 2)
  • Simon Mayo (BBC Radio 5 Live)