Hencoup Enterprises

Hencoup Enterprises is an international science and media consultancy based in the UK. A partnership comprising Heather Couper and Nigel Henbest, two of Britain’s leading factual communicators, Hencoup has been instrumental in expanding the frontiers of science popularisation in all media from books and magazines to television, radio and major tourist attractions.

Heather Couper

Hencoup Enterprises has an established track record in public outreach and personal appearances: lecture tours, promotional appearances and cruise talks have ranged from the Canary Islands to Australia, New Zealand, Colombia and China.

While both Heather and Nigel are trained scientists and also leading communicators, Heather specialises in astrophysics - the cutting edge of research in the Universe, and Nigel - who will be flying into space as an astronaut with Virgin Galactic – majors on spaceflight.

Nigel Henbest